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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas memories

Happy December 18!
Titletrakk.com is currently listing the favorite Christmas memories of several authors (31, to be exact). You can click here to go read them. Mine is toward the bottom of the page.
What's your favorite Christmas memory?

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Anonymous said...

Well, I just can't stop blabbing, can I? Nah. I especially loved Deb Raney's and your memories. At my age I have way too many wonderful memories, so it's hard to single out just one. But, I think this Christmas was especially blessed. All three of my adult children and their spouses and my two precious grandchildren were here. Everyone was laughing and talking and having so much fun. It was also very special to me that my new DIL gave my 2 yo. granddaughter her first Bible. And, little Taylor flipped through the pages and kept finding pictures of the Baby Jesus and talking to Him. What more could a mother ask?

Bonnie E.