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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Traveling Rat is back!

Earlier this year, when Julie Carobini, Lauraine Snelling, Cathy Hake, and I went on a little southern California book tour (here are some of the pix from that escapade) we met a group of ladies who called their Bible study group the Yahweh Sisterhood of the Traveling Rat. They are a totally fun group of women, who have a rather large plastic rat as their mascot. Not to worry, this rat is not only housebroken, but she always dresses appropriately for any occasion :-).

It seems that the sisterhood all read A Promise to Remember as part of their summer book club-- including Reesa that rat, if this picture is to be believed. Cindy (one of the humans) tells me they had a great discussion. I wish I could have been there!! Here's to some of the nicest women -- and rats-- around!

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