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Monday, April 12, 2010

Got Kindle?

My publisher is doing a special promotion for the month of April-- they're giving away (yes giving away, as in, for FREE!) the Kindle version of A Promise to Remember.

Be sure to pass the word along to your Kindle-bearing friends!

And if you get the chance, drop me a line and let me know how you like your Kindle (I've been pondering them for a while now). Or... do I want an IPad? Or... am I too technologically challenged for either one?


sally apokedak said...

So how does one go about getting this free book, Katie?


I LOVE my kindle. Love, love, love it. I also am sure I'd love an iPad. But they do different things. The kindle is very cool because you can read in any light---even direct sunlight. It's great. iPad, of course lets you browse the internet and to all kinds of cool interactive things with books that come in color. Very fun. I want both. I will never give up my kindle, I don't think. But I will buy an iPad just as soon as I am able.

Eden said...

Katie, just emailed you from the Contact form (just finished reading "A Promise to Remember"). I did not mention there that I read the FREEE Kindle version (had it not been free, I probably would not have read it and would've missed the blessing! God is so good!).

I don't yet actually own a Kindle. Ordered it - finally - last night after having "purchased" several Kindle books to read on Kindle for PC, which I am loving except -- the laptop is just a tad awkward on my lap for reading and does not do well in full sun on my deck, part of which motivates me to buy a real Kindle! The #1 motivator, though, is so I can carry my study Bible with me all the time (the traditional one is way too bulky/heavy so it only goes with me to church/Bible study).

Sharon A. Lavy said...

I have the book and will write a review soon. Thanks.

United Kneads Massage said...

Love the Kindle. I just finished "Leaving Yesterday". It was very moving for me. I am using faith-based novels as my therapy for depression and anxiety and I have to say this book helped me tremendously. I am new to the Christian Faith so the references to the Bible are very inspiring. I am on my way to find the free kindle book right now.