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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cadet Cushman, reporting for duty sir!

Well okay, I'm not exactly a cadet (space cadet not withstanding), but I am currently in the Citizen's Police Academy. This is a wonderful program that the Santa Barbara Police Department puts on a couple of times a year. We meet for a couple of hours a week, for ten weeks. Since my current work in progress involves a teenager who was arrested, this has been a really helpful--although it would be fascinating for anyone.

Last week we had a Crime Scene Investigator come in, tonight was the K-9 unit (how cool is that?). Brag, the 97 pound German Shepard, found a little teeny bag of cocaine hidden way down in a box of books, and Hondo, the mere 70 pounder, bit Brag's handler (with a training sleeve on his arm, thankfully!!), holding on so tightly that his back legs were dangling in midair when his victim tried to shake him, and he still didn't let go. Did I mention that his tail was wagging the entire time?

Brag the Dog.