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Monday, August 20, 2007

Name the Event contest

On October 12, fellow authors Julie Carobini (Chocolate Beach) and James Scott Bell (Try Dying) will join me, Katie (A Promise to Remember), in Santa Barbara for a book signing / author chat at Borders in Goleta. The event director for Borders has asked us to come up with a "catchy title" for the event. Between the three of us-- we've got nothing. So we're asking for your help. Submit your cathcy title via comment here or at Julie's blog. The person who submits the best title, as determined by the authors, and ultimately the Borders event planner, will receive a signed copy of all three books. Enter now, enter often, tell your friends. Thanks for the help!


Christine Long said...

How about Try Dying on a Chocolate Beach keeping A Promise to Remember? Too long?

Unknown said...

Or how about, "Try Chocolate Promise(s)"??

Kathryn Cushman said...

Leah's suggestion (via phone while she's learning blogger) "Promise to give me chocolate before I die".

Anonymous said...

A chocolate beach where dying is a promise

Anonymous said...

How about "Borders Inspired: Local Authors Bring Mystery and Romance"

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

I think I left some suggestions at Julie's blog and maybe these will be duplicates--I really don't remember.

How about
Two women and a Bell (playing off Two Men and a Baby)
Literary Potpourri
A Novel Medley
Belles and Bell

I can't come up with anything worthwhile, but I really think the key will be to play up that you all are SoCal writers. That's what's cool. A shopper will say, Ah--a novelist from my home town??? I have to have that book.