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Friday, November 9, 2007

Feast and famine

My friend and neighbor Lori B. is hosting dozens of women at her home tonight, where we will celebrate A Promise to Remember after its first month on the shelves. Lori has been a tireless promoter of Promise since long before it actually came out, putting in hours worth of phone calls, emails, etc. To cap it all off, she's been cooking for over a week, preparing for tonight's event. A great friend. We are going to FEAST!
My teenage daughter and her youth group, on the other hand, will be participating in the 30 Hour famine tonight. They will go 30 hours without food in order to raise money for WorldVision (they had to deviate from the official nationwide dates due to scheduling, but they didn't let that stop them.) In other words, they are going to FAST!
When all is said and done, I do feel a little guilty-- but I wouldn't want to trade places :-)

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